Maths Animations Accelerate the Learning Process

Student Xpress has produced a series of Maths Animations which are aids for helping students to understand Maths.

The process for producing these animations is very similar to the production of cartoons. It is a very labour intensive and expensive process. To date we have managed to put together nearly 100 classes covering algebra, calculus and trigonometry. Over the next number of years we intend to cover the entire Project Maths course. Have a look at some demos to give you an idea of how it works.

Each class consists of a main animation with commentary that takes about 15 minutes. It is followed up by a number of well chosen demonstration examples that help to reinforce the lesson. Finally students have access to worksheets with exercises and answers plus a detailed summary of what was taught in the class. So it is quite a thorough workout which takes time and effort from the student if they are to benefit from this innovative approach. Every class builds on the content learnt from previous classes.

Most of the material written so far is for Leaving Cert students. However, our refresher Algebra course is a must for any Junior Cert students who are having difficulties understanding the language of Maths.

Below are solutions for Leaving Cert maths exam papers from 1996 to the present day:

  • LC Higher Level
  • LC Ordinary Level
  • Project Maths

Books1Project Maths is the new initiative in Maths which aims to develop a deeper understanding of the subject in the minds of students.

The curriculum is being rolled out in stages with pilot schools leading the way with the rest of the country following. Over the next couple of years LC papers will be a mixture of content from the old course and the new course.

Project Maths Papers and Solutions

Maths Blogs

This is a discussion forum for students and teachers to join the debate on the merits of accelerated visual learning techniques. Different innovations in this field will be showcased allowing for comments.

Maths Twitter

Follow Kieran Mills on twitter as he uploads the latest Leaving Cert Project Maths questions and comments on the style of questions.

Some Challenging Maths Problems

Problem No. 1:
A trigonometry problem that all students will find challenging.

Problem No. 2:
A Probability problems that asks about the success or failure of flights.

Maths Tables
Download a copy of the Maths Tables which are laid out in an easy-to-follow manner.

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