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Maths Paper Solutions

Leaving Cert

Solutions to LC papers going back to 1996 are available for downloading. We are also in the process of updating the Project Maths papers.

Physics Notes

Leaving Cert

Contains a full set of notes for use by LC students and teachers. At present the notes for the Mechanics and the Light & Sound sections are available for download. Heat, Electricity and Modern Physics will follow soon.

Applied Maths Notes

Leaving Cert

Contains the LC questions from 1996-2008 with answers broken up into each section. Also contains extensive notes with worked examples in UAM, Projectiles, Newton's Laws, Collisions, Circular Motion, Statics and Differential Equations.

Higher Level Maths

Leaving Cert

This is a list of all the publications in print written by the authors Kieran Mills and Tony Kelly.

Ordinary Level Maths

Leaving Cert

Nearly 100 classes are available for download at exceptionally low prices. So far the Algebra and Calculus classes have been developed with trigonometry soon to follow. A basic algebra course is available for students in Junior Cert classes who are experiencing problems grasping the fundamental concepts of algebra.

Foundation Level Maths

Leaving Cert

Contain a rich resource of educational material in a number of subjects including Biology, English, Geography and a number of other subjects.

Student Xpress is an educational resource for second level students. Teachers at Student Xpress have teamed up with Educate.ie to produce Leaving Cert Maths papers for the Ordinary and Higher Level Maths Exams. We have been researching these papers for over a year and have produced highly imaginative questions based on the actual format of the 2014 LC exam. All of the solutions to these exam papers are being uploaded on to the Educate.ie website. Click on the logo below to view the solutions.